Modeling Aiden

I'm growin'!

I'm almost 4 months old now.

I'm gettin' bigger. Really bigger!

Daddy says I am just over 18 1/2 pounds today. (18.6#)

queenofhalves took some pictures of me about 2 weeks ago. I've been talkin' a lot. People say I get that from my daddy.

So... daddy put this together for me. He says it's about 300k and will work in Quicktime or iTunes.

So here it is:
Aiden tells it like it is (with pictures!)
Modeling Aiden

I have a new pair of Genes!

Many of daddy's friends have told him that I look like a baby with his face.

But I don't have anywhere near the amount of hair daddy has. Well, maybe except the top of my head. I have lots more hair than he has.

But still everyone says I look just like him.

So daddy took a picture of me to see if I could really look like him.

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Even with daddy's hair.. I don't look a lot like him. But I like daddy's artwork.

Weird stuff. Sleepy time...

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Baby Face

Day 18: Abnormal Thyroid Function... or is it?!?!?

Daddy got a phone call from the doctor last week. When I was born they took some blood from me.


They took it from my heel. I was born in Washington State where they need to look at my blood as soon as I am born and then when I'm two weeks old. They check me for lots of really nasty stuff.

Daddy said the test on my birthday came back with "Abnormal Thyroid Function"

My doctor told him this week that normal means 2-20. Abnormal means something like 350. He drew picture for Mommy and Daddy on the paper thing I wet when they changed me. (Evil Giggle..burble...burp... They haven't taught me to say, 'excuse me' yet)

My doctor looked at me and said that since I wasn't jaundiced at all and because I was eating so much and growing so well.. That it was likely to just be an elevated reading at birth. He said that thyroid at birth could be as high as 40 and go back to normal.

Yesterday they called. I was at 24 when they tested me. My Doctor said I was completely healthy.

Even though I am healthy, daddy is worried about me. Daddy said I got a social security card in the mail. He also said, "The poor little guy, God help him." But then again... I'm told that none of the men in my family line have any great love of the IRS office.

Daddy says he'll explain this to me when I'm older. He says that a lot :)

Back to work. I have a heavy schedule of sleep, messing diapers, and abusing mommy big milk thingees today.

Modeling Aiden

Grow baby grow...

I went to the doctor today. But I think daddy had more fun than I did.

When I was born I was 8 lb 7 oz. By then end of the first day I was 8 lb 1 oz.

Mommy has been worried I'm not eating enough.

Today i got weighed. I was 9 lb 15.5 oz. Which kinda explains why my diapers that fit up to 10# were getting too small.

Mommy doesn't think I'm not eating now :)

I also had a small infection. Mommy and daddy got a prescription for some cream.

So now I am at home eating and sleeping. My folks are awesome..

Just don't let them know I said that.
Modeling Aiden

Just another Sunday...

I guess I haven't written much in a while. It's been really busy. Eating, Sleeping, Messing, and my favourite..making mommy and daddy neurotic.

A little eye gook here, a pimply rash there... and they think that I'm dying. They are sooooo cuuuute at that age.

Daddy has more pictures of me.

This is last week with me going to ride to mass:
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The seat is thanks to tailerouge who is my mommy's mommy.

I'm glad I was able to travel. I sleep in the car just like daddy does. He sleeps in the back seat, in the passenger seat. Mommy says sometimes she thinks he can even sleep in the driver seat.

Thursday we went to daddy's office. We met lots of people who help make Microsoft Office for the Macintosh. Everyone suggested I get a Mac shirt in case I went to any of the other offices. I also went to daddy's old office. I got to meet many people and I got to see damiana_swan again. I like her a lot.

Next is of me wearing a hat that bauble_n_booka made for me. Well booka made it. She's 7 now... I hope I am that creative by then.
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But for now.. it's Sunday. Mommy is gonna let me watch some TV today. Because the best team in the world will be playing. Daddy got me the shirt.
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Modeling Aiden

Interest Modifications

So... mommy and daddy were chatting. "You know... we should add "Pittsburgh Steelers" to his interest list.

Now this is the important part. This was Mommy talking.

So remember... it's not just daddy who's an ultimate geek.

I love my parents! They rock.

Edit: Mommy points out that neither of them are Ultimate Frisbee fans.. so they really aren't ultimate geeks.
Modeling Aiden

New picture time!

Daddy took some more pictures with his camera. And one he took with a program called "Photo Booth"

The first picture is me in what daddy tells me will be my favourite outfit. I am going to believe him because I made it the whole day without spitting up on it:
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This is one Daddy caught while Mommy and me were sleepin'. I think there's something wrong with the picture because everyone who looks at it goes, "Awwwwwww"
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This one was described as being wicked. Daddy used his "Photo Booth" software. This is what he used to make the really funny user icons of himself. Everyone cringes at this one. He calls it:
"Hey look, I found the soft spot:"
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Modeling Aiden

I went to mass!

Today was a busy day!

Mommy used her new pump so we could take a trip. We went back to the town I was born in. Capitol Hill. I got to see lazuli93 and tzaddi_93 for the first time since my birthday almost a week ago. I also got to see jonah777 but I don't think he looks anything like me.

Well, there is a shared amount of cute.I was really good in mass. And the sling was pretty amazing. Mommy was almost able to do every mass sign. And she mouthed the collects to me as the Deacon read them.

I went up while Mommy took communion. lazuli93 looked like she was going to cry. I wanted to give her a big hug.

Other than that, I was pretty quiet during mass.

Mommy and Daddy then took me out to dinner with them and JMC (above)

By the time we finally got home, me and mommy (sic) pretty much ate and fell asleep.

Great fun.
Aiden Awake!

I think daddy has snorted my head one too many times...

I didn't post yesterday. It was a buuuusy day.

First that sticky thing fell off my belly. Mommy and Daddy say I have a cute little navel.

Mommy tried out her sling that gasbarri sent. I think we're gonna try queenofhalves's today! :)

We went for a walk to one of Mommy's galleries. I guess she's gonna have to change her bio now.

I'm getting a bit feisty with my eating. (chomp chomp chomp). So stillraven and earhart brought over a pump thingee. Afterwards daddy fed me off a bottle. It wasn't the first time as he tried filling a bottle by hand a few days ago. But that was a bigger baby's bottle and hard for me to use. But I am really looking forward to using this one ;)

Mommy and Daddy are getting lots of sleep. I guess this means I must be doing something wrong. I'll have to work on that. I also get the hiccups a lot. Daddy says it's adorable and that he promises not to tell anyone what it was like when I become a line-backer.

But... like I said... I think he's snorted my head one too many times. Today he bought something. It's not for me as much as it's to (as he put it) inflict me on as many people as possible. In the next few weeks he's gonna start 'mailing me around.' He says it's entirely astarte93's fault. But I think he's just being silly.

Here's what daddy did - (Coming to a mailbox near you)
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Modeling Aiden

Mommy knows a thing about cameras too!

I'm trying to get this whole latching thing down.

Of course, I'm also trying to get this neck thing to work... so it can be very frustrating for all of us.

Mommy needed to go off and leak for a moment. She asked daddy to keep an eye on me. I don't know if daddy is getting enough sleep. I helped him sleep.

Mommy found daddy's camera.

I'm told this is called teh cuteness

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