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Modeling Aiden

Mommy knows a thing about cameras too!

I'm trying to get this whole latching thing down.

Of course, I'm also trying to get this neck thing to work... so it can be very frustrating for all of us.

Mommy needed to go off and leak for a moment. She asked daddy to keep an eye on me. I don't know if daddy is getting enough sleep. I helped him sleep.

Mommy found daddy's camera.

I'm told this is called teh cuteness


Awww, what a lucky Daddy you have!

Does he know you have his nose?

No, don't worry, he still has a nose of his own but yours looks just like his ;>
That is definitely teh cute!
Awww! Adorable!
Definitely the cuteness.
You are too cute, little baby!
awww, so cute, so adorable

Aunt Diane
Extremely adorable.
*dies from teh cute* ditto
Very sweet!