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I think daddy has snorted my head one too many times...

I didn't post yesterday. It was a buuuusy day.

First that sticky thing fell off my belly. Mommy and Daddy say I have a cute little navel.

Mommy tried out her sling that gasbarri sent. I think we're gonna try queenofhalves's today! :)

We went for a walk to one of Mommy's galleries. I guess she's gonna have to change her bio now.

I'm getting a bit feisty with my eating. (chomp chomp chomp). So stillraven and earhart brought over a pump thingee. Afterwards daddy fed me off a bottle. It wasn't the first time as he tried filling a bottle by hand a few days ago. But that was a bigger baby's bottle and hard for me to use. But I am really looking forward to using this one ;)

Mommy and Daddy are getting lots of sleep. I guess this means I must be doing something wrong. I'll have to work on that. I also get the hiccups a lot. Daddy says it's adorable and that he promises not to tell anyone what it was like when I become a line-backer.

But... like I said... I think he's snorted my head one too many times. Today he bought something. It's not for me as much as it's to (as he put it) inflict me on as many people as possible. In the next few weeks he's gonna start 'mailing me around.' He says it's entirely astarte93's fault. But I think he's just being silly.

Here's what daddy did - (Coming to a mailbox near you)
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