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I went to mass!

Today was a busy day!

Mommy used her new pump so we could take a trip. We went back to the town I was born in. Capitol Hill. I got to see lazuli93 and tzaddi_93 for the first time since my birthday almost a week ago. I also got to see jonah777 but I don't think he looks anything like me.

Well, there is a shared amount of cute.I was really good in mass. And the sling was pretty amazing. Mommy was almost able to do every mass sign. And she mouthed the collects to me as the Deacon read them.

I went up while Mommy took communion. lazuli93 looked like she was going to cry. I wanted to give her a big hug.

Other than that, I was pretty quiet during mass.

Mommy and Daddy then took me out to dinner with them and JMC (above)

By the time we finally got home, me and mommy (sic) pretty much ate and fell asleep.

Great fun.
Tags: mass, outing, public
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