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Just another Sunday...

I guess I haven't written much in a while. It's been really busy. Eating, Sleeping, Messing, and my favourite..making mommy and daddy neurotic.

A little eye gook here, a pimply rash there... and they think that I'm dying. They are sooooo cuuuute at that age.

Daddy has more pictures of me.

This is last week with me going to ride to mass:

The seat is thanks to tailerouge who is my mommy's mommy.

I'm glad I was able to travel. I sleep in the car just like daddy does. He sleeps in the back seat, in the passenger seat. Mommy says sometimes she thinks he can even sleep in the driver seat.

Thursday we went to daddy's office. We met lots of people who help make Microsoft Office for the Macintosh. Everyone suggested I get a Mac shirt in case I went to any of the other offices. I also went to daddy's old office. I got to meet many people and I got to see damiana_swan again. I like her a lot.

Next is of me wearing a hat that bauble_n_booka made for me. Well booka made it. She's 7 now... I hope I am that creative by then.

But for now.. it's Sunday. Mommy is gonna let me watch some TV today. Because the best team in the world will be playing. Daddy got me the shirt.
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