Aiden Christopher Freeman (aiden_freeman) wrote,
Aiden Christopher Freeman

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Grow baby grow...

I went to the doctor today. But I think daddy had more fun than I did.

When I was born I was 8 lb 7 oz. By then end of the first day I was 8 lb 1 oz.

Mommy has been worried I'm not eating enough.

Today i got weighed. I was 9 lb 15.5 oz. Which kinda explains why my diapers that fit up to 10# were getting too small.

Mommy doesn't think I'm not eating now :)

I also had a small infection. Mommy and daddy got a prescription for some cream.

So now I am at home eating and sleeping. My folks are awesome..

Just don't let them know I said that.
Tags: doctor, food, rash
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