Aiden Christopher Freeman (aiden_freeman) wrote,
Aiden Christopher Freeman

Day 18: Abnormal Thyroid Function... or is it?!?!?

Daddy got a phone call from the doctor last week. When I was born they took some blood from me.


They took it from my heel. I was born in Washington State where they need to look at my blood as soon as I am born and then when I'm two weeks old. They check me for lots of really nasty stuff.

Daddy said the test on my birthday came back with "Abnormal Thyroid Function"

My doctor told him this week that normal means 2-20. Abnormal means something like 350. He drew picture for Mommy and Daddy on the paper thing I wet when they changed me. (Evil Giggle..burble...burp... They haven't taught me to say, 'excuse me' yet)

My doctor looked at me and said that since I wasn't jaundiced at all and because I was eating so much and growing so well.. That it was likely to just be an elevated reading at birth. He said that thyroid at birth could be as high as 40 and go back to normal.

Yesterday they called. I was at 24 when they tested me. My Doctor said I was completely healthy.

Even though I am healthy, daddy is worried about me. Daddy said I got a social security card in the mail. He also said, "The poor little guy, God help him." But then again... I'm told that none of the men in my family line have any great love of the IRS office.

Daddy says he'll explain this to me when I'm older. He says that a lot :)

Back to work. I have a heavy schedule of sleep, messing diapers, and abusing mommy big milk thingees today.

Tags: doctor, medical, taxes
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