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Modeling Aiden

I have a new pair of Genes!

Many of daddy's friends have told him that I look like a baby with his face.

But I don't have anywhere near the amount of hair daddy has. Well, maybe except the top of my head. I have lots more hair than he has.

But still everyone says I look just like him.

So daddy took a picture of me to see if I could really look like him.

Even with daddy's hair.. I don't look a lot like him. But I like daddy's artwork.

Weird stuff. Sleepy time...



You, Andrei, need a nap.

He totally looks like you.



Welcome to the world Little Angel! I wish you every happiness and all the wonderful gifts the universe has to offer.

(I'm a friend of your friend sea_gaagii. He is very impressed by you and proud to know you.)

Re: Welcome!

Sorry - I forgot to sign it. I don't want to freak out Mommy and Daddy with anonymous postings. :)
Happy one-month birthday, kiddo!