Modeling Aiden

Maybe there is somehing to all this 93 stuff

Daddy was saying earlier that I had to learn about Thelma... or someone like that.

He said, not because he wanted to force his phisophy on me. Just so I wouldn't get neurotic from all his friends always talking about my birth date... Or the numbers that are the same as my birth date.

Dunno, baby brain can't wrap around it yet.

But mommy and daddy have been watching me because I am apparently doing some things that amuse them a lot!

See, my thumbs and fingers like to clench up. So I like to keep my hands in fists and leave my thumbs between the index and middle finger.

I also like to rest with my arms crossed on my chest.

Personally, I think they are overly eager parents. So I tried to indicate how I feel about this. Here's a picture daddy took of me.
Modeling Aiden

Since everyone asked...

My name is Aiden Christopher Freeman

So.. here's a little about my name.

Mommy says my name means, "A fiery free man, annointed of God"

So... first "Freeman"

Daddy complians a lot when he fills out forms. They always ask for Mommy's maiden name but not his. I am the first Freeman born in the family line. (Cool, huh?)

My middle name is Christopher. This is in honour of a very good man (despite his liklihood to argue against it) that mommy and daddy loved very much.

His name was Christopher Parker. He was their friend, a brother, half of the two clergy that performed their wedding, a teacher, and so many other things. I think mommy and daddy both hope and dread there may be a little of Chris in me. Io Pan.

Something you should know about Mommy and Daddy.. they do their best work when running out of time. They'd been bandying about names. And boy.. did they come up with some weird ones. A couple of weeks ago one of them (I think Mommy) said, "Aiden"... And they both liked it.

Supposedly, they really didn't mean for my initials to be A.C. But they are both geeks. Who knows. They commented that it'd be a great Poker nickname or DJ name. A.C. Freeman or Acey Freeman.

Well. Decisions... Decisions... It's either time to sleep, eat, or ...well you know the end of that one.

*crumpled finger wave*

Oh yeah... I'm home now. There's a big, black, furry baby that keeps smelling my head. I will have to tug on its 5th arm at some point. Once I figure out how to tug.
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Modeling Aiden

It's my birthday....

...or I guess at this point the anniversery, thereof.

Thereof? Who uses thereof. Weird.

So... I day old this morning. The day started a little bumpy. The state wanted to check me for stuff. So... They bled me. Squeezing my heel to make little sample blot things.

Here's this morning's picture. I'm about to be unhappy as the friendly nurse is holding my head.

I got weighed... and even mommy, the food, and I are starting to get into sync together.

But she really does make funny noises when I get my aim wrong.

Daddy is funny. He seems like a really deep sleeper, but I make a noise and he's standing next to me within seconds. This is fun because this morning he was slow to respond and then stood there swaying. I must research this 'sleep deprevation' more. I think I may be able to brainwash daddy with this.

Well, back to the left food bank.

Modeling Aiden


I'm over 7 hours old now.

I'm sleeping now. (Dad is writing this for me)

Here's a picture of me sleeping with the coolest woman in the world!

I've had two meals so far and well.... given him back something in return... about 6 times :-D

Dad made this for me in case you were wondering about it.

My birth chart
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